Did you know…. reflections from a travelling salesman

Last month, Remi Escobar travelled 3000km from the sunshine of the coast to the cool mountains of Southern France. Why? To demonstrate the features of the Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display in strategic regions where digital signage must withstand fluctuating weather and harsh environmental conditions.

Day 1: Marseille and Nice – The French Riviera

Customer issue: a common issue in hot territories is downtime caused by extended exposure to direct sunlight.

Did you know that the Xtreme:

- Offers the widest operating temperature in the industry (-35° to +60°C)?

- Is fan cooled to address heat build-up or thermal load?

- Has a patented thermal exhaust system that keeps internal components cooled?

Customer issue: another common issue is glare on the screen from direct sunlight making content unreadable.

Did you know that the Xtreme:

- Features optical bonding, which eliminates the air gap between the glass and the panel thereby greatly reducing reflection and refraction in direct sunlight?

- Offers 2500nits (XHB554-EUK & XHB653-EUK) and 3000nits (XHB754-EUK) of light output reducing glare when used in direct sunlight or bright-lit conditions?

- With optical bonded 2500 or 3000nit displays, a perceived greater brightness is presented compared to displays that rely on extra forced brightness via additional backlight?

Day 2: Aix-en-Provence & Montpellier - Côte d'Azur & Mediterranean

Customer issue: again, heat build-up from extended sun exposure and safe use in public settings.

Did you know that the Xtreme:

- Can operate reliably in full direct sunlight 24/7 and the screen will not be dangerously hot to touch?

Day 3: Perpignan & Bordeaux – Mediterranean and wine region

Customer issue: salt from the sea air can be corrosive to the screen and enclosure causing the product to rust.

Did you know that the Xtreme:

- Is IP66, fully sealed and protected against sea, salt, dust, moisture and insects?

Day 4: Clermont-Ferrand – Volcanic region and mountain range

Customer issue: in volcanic areas, seismic activity could cause downtime if the screen is dislodged.

Did you know that the Xtreme:

- Includes a gyroscopic sensor that detects any movement of the display and sends an alert? Also useful in areas prone to potential tampering or theft.

Day 5: Chambery & Chamonix – Alpine territory

Customer issue: areas exposed to snow, changing weather conditions and high ski traffic can fall short of expectations.

Did you know that the Xtreme:

- Is IP66 rated, meaning it is dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water?

- Is IK10 rated, meaning it is protected against 20 joules of impact, which is the equivalent of a 5kg mass being dropped from 400mm above the product (like a bowling ball)?

And not to forget, the Xtreme in areas where energy use needs to be controlled, this can be achieved by changing backlight brightness or by incorporating scheduling to control brightness according to time of day or utilising sleep mode or power on/off functionality.

Outdoor ruggedised displays are highly effective, but only if they have the right combination of features. The potential for outdoor display placement is endless, with options to mount to walls or ceilings with special outdoor e-coated mounts, or they can be incorporated into outdoor kiosks, which are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor use and are wind rated up to 140mph.

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