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Kiosk Cooling: This is something that is often overlooked during specifying a kiosk or enclosure, to ensure optimal performance of the display and minimise any potential down time to your newly installed kiosk, all of our kiosks come with thermostat controlled fans. This means the temperature around the display is constantly being monitored and the cooling fans will kick in once it detects 30°C and switches off at 20°C.


Kiosk Serviceability: Quick serviceability is key for any engineer or technician and our kiosks are designed to allow for a single person to be able to do so. We include access to the front or back inside of the kiosk allowing you instantly to get to any media players or cabling you may have stored in the widely spaced bottom compartment. All of our indoor kiosks are keyed alike to, meaning if by chance a key is lost on site we can send out spares immediately.


Depth and Height adjustment: If you are as enthusiastic and OCD driven like me then post level adjustments to get the displays perfectly centred will be a non-negotiable. All of our indoor kiosks use the same idea as our award winning video wall solutions with adjustment on all axis x,y,z.

Peerless-AV has been in the custom kiosk business for over 20 years. Our kiosks can be customisable in every way. Learn more in the Chris Hayward Presents Customisation Series of life hacks:


Colour: Kiosks are one of the most visually effective ways of displaying advertising today so it makes sense to use every inch of this digital signage real estate. Options range from custom RAL or Pantone paint finishes to match corporate colours or the application environment to vinyl company logos to full vinyl wraps.


Mobility: If you require manoeuvrability for a setting such as a car showroom, exhibition venue, conference facility, retail store or corporate meeting room, our Universal Indoor Portrait Kiosks with wheeled base provide an ideal versatile option offering safe and easy movement between locations.


Accessories: Among the standard options available with our kiosks, cameras and speakers are popular choices, especially when used in conjunction with 3rd party analytical software for real-time audience measurement, targeted content (by time of day, audience demographic and more) to boost customer experience and interaction. 


Protection: Kiosks are most frequently used in public spaces, so for added peace of mind protective glass is optional for applications requiring that extra level of protection against accidental damage or vandalism.


Truly custom: Customers come to us to request specialist order kiosks of any shape, size and creative specification, and we endeavour to meet these requests, designing from our Universal Kiosk base adding all manner of custom options and accessories to fit in any desired space. These include LED lighting, brochure holders, gaming consoles, vehicle charging and much more. The possibilities are endless…contact us today.

Outdoor Mounts


Importance of outdoor mounts. As summer is soon upon us and more establishments seek outdoor display solutions to show sporting fixtures to their clientele, remember the mount! A mount installed outside could be prone to rust and corrosion damage if not designed specifically for outdoor use. Choose a mount constructed from weatherproof materials, including protective anti-corrosive e-coating (the same process used on most cars) that repels against damaging temperature-related and outdoor corrosive elements.

Our Twin Pole Modular Series solves a myriad of mounting requirements. Designed around twin columns, all the components can be combined to configure a single ceiling mounted display up to an unlimited floor to ceiling video wall, all with a minimum number of SKUs. Learn more about the Modular Series in the next few episodes of Chris Hayward Presents:

 #010 – Go configure

There are 2 ways to configure a Modular Series solution, single application and multiple twin pole application. Ideal for retail, airport, corporate, museum settings and more where mounting direct to a wall might not be feasible but a clean, open floor space and precision finish is required. But did you know that you can attach our full service video wall mounts to the Modular Series? So you can benefit from key installer-friendly features such as pull out or quick release functionality, horizontal movement and 8-point micro adjustment for the ultimate fine tuning and perfect alignment whilst maintaining full serviceability.

#011 – Projector mounting

Our Modular Series also comprises of single column ceiling kits for projector mounting, including heavy duty projectors up to 57kg, and with a choice of flat or adjustable ceiling plates and accessories; making configuration of a bespoke solution simple for lecture theatres, concert halls, conference venues, stadiums, arenas and more. 

#012 – Designing made easy

Whatever your application, whatever your required configuration, you can use our Twin Pole Modular Series Online Configurator Tool to build your ideal single or video wall application from a limited number of SKUs. Choose from multiple mounting options (such as a ceiling, floor to ceiling, floor to wall or floor mounted) and design your ideal solution in landscape or portrait orientation with a number of innovative features, such as incremental tilt and back-to-back screen options.

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