Regional Reflections - Karl Ingam

In today’s #RegionalReflections, Karl Ingham, Sales Manager, North, at Peerless-AV, gives his opinion on the roadshow and local showcases as perfect tradeshow alternatives for getting back to business post pandemic…

As Sales Manager for the North of UK, I’m responsible for Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well and I’m pleased to say we had our first event since the pandemic last month. The Samsung Scotland Tour brought us, Midwich, Samsung and Tripleplay to various locations in Scotland and it was great to be back out in front of resellers, networking and showcasing full turnkey dvLED solutions in partnership with these other brands. dvLED is a big focus area for me and the business so we had the opportunity to present our Kitted and Bespoke dvLED mounting solutions, as well as our SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV dvLED Video Wall Integration Programme. Interest in dvLED is clearly on the rise, as discussions during the road show reinforced, and I’m receiving more enquires than ever before. This is partly owing to dvLED becoming a more viable option to traditional LCD video walls as costs decrease, and OEM investment and channel availability increases. But it’s also because of our reputation as the dvLED mounting experts. Customers are coming to us because they trust our brand, and we have some exciting projects in the North, working in collaboration with leading OEMs for whom we’ve manufactured dedicated mounting solutions to fit their specific cabinet sizes and latching mechanisms. And this is a really important point. Education and training about the differences of mounting and handling a dvLED display verses an LCD flat panel display is so important. The idea that dvLED is “similar enough” to approach is incorrect, and an expert skill set is required.

Roadshows are ideal platforms to educate, train and showcase technology to a smaller group, especially with the cancellation or postponement of larger exhibitions and tradeshows during the pandemic, and they will play an even more strategic role over the next year in helping the AV industry, especially in the North, to get back to business. They offer the opportunity to replicate that tradeshow experience with live demonstrations on a smaller scale, in a controlled group environment. They are localised and can go direct to customers situated in multiple locations, delivering a consistent experience to each one. In the case of the Samsung Scotland Tour, and other road shows coming up, including in Ireland later this year, customers benefit from coming to see Peerless-AV as part of the bigger AV installation picture, and how we work with our channel and OEM partners.

For many organisations, travel to larger European and International tradeshows, might not be a feasible option for some time. Roadshows, as well as local held events such as our Showcase & Networking event held in London in September, present the chance for people to get out and about and network safely. Ta-ra/goodbye for now!

Written by Karl Ingham, Northern Sales Manager

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