LED Life Hacks with Tom Fenton...


Easy as X,Y,Z! Uneven walls can be an installers nightmare, but using quality mounts with dedicated display adapters, that can make vertical, horizonal and depth adjustments, means no more tedious tweaking and fiddling to overcome irregularities and achieve the perfect pixel alignment. The depth (Z axis) is especially important for enabling the creation of one flat plane, regardless of any wall imperfections.


Sizing up LED: Did you know that the most common install size for an indoor dvLED video wall is 3m x 1.7m? Which is equivalent to a 46” 3x3 LCD Videowall! There’s an increasing trend towards replacement of standard LCD video walls in boardroom and conference room environments as dvLED display’s provide no seams or cross hairs (better content and data viewing), less heat distribution, higher contrast, higher brightness, more flexibility in sizing and a longer lifespan.


You’ll be bowled over by this one: As Outdoor displays become more prevalent in entertainment spaces, stadiums, ski resorts and many other public places, the assurance of reliability, safety and longevity in extreme environments is essential. Look out for key ratings such as IK10, which means the display is protected against 20 joules on impact, making it extremely safe and vandal proof, giving installers and end users peace of mind. Our Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display can withstand the impact of a bowling bowl dropped from height. Don't believe us, then watch this!


Heard of optical bonding? It’s kind of a big deal. It’s also why our Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are award-winning and outperform the competition. Firstly, it reduces glare and reflection through the UV absorptive gel inserted between the protective glass and the screen. Secondly, it eliminates the air gap between the panel and the safety glass to prevent entry of moisture and formation of condensation. Thirdly, it essentially creates a higher level of sharpness and perceived brightness but, most importantly, it does this without any extra investment or additional HVAC requirements. 


BIM is the word, it’s the word that you heard…but what is the meaning? Well, it stands for Building Information Modelling and is fast becoming the standard in architectural design. Requests are only escalating and, for this reason, we’re offering BIM files for our product range, enabling builders, architects and specifiers to integrate highly realistic models of our products into their digital designs. The files are also modelled for compatibility with industry standard design tools like Autodesk Revit, which positions us as a  valuable information source in the designer’s everyday workflow.


Fancy a trim? – Closure of hairdressers during lockdown may have left you feeling unkempt and longing for a trim. But did you know that the new Trim Kit for dvLED Video Walls is designed to cover unsightly sides of dvLED displays and give the video wall a completely finished appearance? It can also be cut to length in the field for a custom fit…. and you can get it now…


Stay Safe, Stay Sane – Avoid the horror of unsafe LED video wall installations. Ensure you have structural reports on the wall to which the LED displays are to be fixed, as well as the surrounding environment. Use secure fixings, as provided by the mount manufacturer and, most importantly, choose quality mounting systems that are tested to UL2442 standards, ensuring 4 x load rating so any risk to public safety from the video wall toppling over is eliminated.


Why 1:1 is best – When installing dvLED, versatility in design is the winner. Did you know our SEAMLESS Connect Series dvLED Mounting System allows displays to be mounted in landscape, portrait or 45 degree angles allowing for creativity in any installation?


Align with confidence – Choice of mounting system can make or break a video wall installation. Why opt for a low cost option if it could all have to be taken down in breach of safety or service contract? We’ve been called to fix projects where a competitive mounting system has failed because it provided no adjustment to follow the curvature of the wall surface. It was causing the pixels on the dvLED cabinets to compress and discolour. Our mounts provide 19mm plus of depth adjustment to create one flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections.


No reinforcement needed – Did you know that our SEAMLESS Kitted Series dvLED Mounting Systems are so flexible that they have adjustable mounting points to pick up any stud without having to reinforce the wall or compromise the LED display, therefore reducing installation costs and labour?

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