National Pet Day 2023

To celebrate National Pet Day 2023 we would like to introduce you to some of our teams furry (and not so furry!) friends:

Pet Name: Maggie - AKA the Wellbeing Officer    Age: 9 months

Sentence about pet: Her favourite hobbies are bin diving and slipper assassination

Team Member Name, Job Title: Sarah, Director of HR

Pet Name: Peep (Left) Cubone (Right) Harold the Cricket (Bottom left, Deceased)

Age: 2 years old

Sentence about pet: They love to sit in their dark and warm hut, but they are also very adventurous if you get them out. Well behaved and polite besides sometimes walking over the top of each other to get where they want to go!

Team Member Name, Job Title: Cricket Extermination Manager (Peep), Assistant Cricket Pest Control (Cubone), IT Support Technician (Jamie)

Pet Name: Lupo (top) & Alby (bottom)    Age: 6 years

Sentence about pet: Naughty but adorable ginger toms rescued from the streets of Romania. They rule the house and terrorise my neighbourhood. I love them to bits!

Team Member Name, Job Title: Beky, Director of Global PR

Pet Name: Jasper    Age: 2 years

Sentence about pet: Really needs to work on his mice catching skills

Team Member Name, Job Title: Claire, Purchasing Manager

Pet Name: Paul    Age: 12 years

Sentence about pet: Paul is my personal welfare manager

Team Member Name, Job Title: Ella, Sales Director, Germany

Pet Name: Louha and Moppy   Age: 7 and 5 years

Sentence about pet: Grumpy queenAlways ready to play and cuddle

Team Member Name, Job Title: Manon, International Sales Admin

Pet Name: Yoszko   Age: 7 Months

Sentence about pet: Teaching us unconditional love every day

Team Member Name, Job Title: Kinga, UK & International Sales Supervisor

Pet Name: Pookie    Age: 8 years

Sentence about pet: My oldest cat with a strong personality and a sweet heart

Team Member Name, Job Title: Gwen, Sales Director

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