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Midwich Technology Xposed

Thanks to those who stopped by the Peerless-AV stand at Midwich Technology Xposed in Ascot last week. On stand 13, we highlighted our LCD and DvLED video wall mounting capabilities alongside an IP68- rated Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display, indoor/outdoor kiosks and a new dedicated Floor Mount solution for Samsung’s OMN-D Series.

Of the three video wall showcases on the our sand, one featured a mix of Full Service Quick Release Video Wall Mounts, a second was built with a floor-to-wall Xtrusion upright and SmartMount flat panel wall mounts, the third displayed a 4x3 LED video wall using the dedicated IF Mount for Samsung Direct View LED Displays. 

Our universal, dedicated and custom mounting solutions for DvLED video walls lead the way in the market for their quick and easy installation, UL safety testing, quality assurance, modularity for easy transportation and damage prevention, and precision engineering with display specific adaptors and mounting patterns. An aluminium frame minimises wall load and predetermined adaptor rail locations speed up assembly, while tight tolerances and wall plate spacers ensure LED cabinets are positioned correctly. Adjustment on the X, Y, and Z axis overcomes wall imperfections, aligns pixels and smooths any installation irregularities. Depth adjustment at the rear of the frame also makes fine-tuning easier and facilitates a slimmer aesthetic design.

We were also pleased to provide an AVIXA RU Provider Course Approved Direct view LED Mount Install Training on both days of Tech Xposed. During this course installers learnt the different options for LED mounting, wall types and fixings required, cabinet differences, and also got the opportunity to get hands-on to learn handy install tips and techniques along the way. Thanks to those who attended and keep an eye out for our future training events!

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