Our Award Winning SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System (DS-LEDUNV)

 SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System (DS-LEDUNV)

Winner of the 2023 AV Awards Support Technology of the Year Category

And here’s why…

The hidden champion of the dvLED world, the DS-LEDUNV for latching displays is a game changer for its universal kitted design – unique on the market. Not just ‘a mount’, this product saves valuable time and costs in a project, ensuring a perfectly flat, seamless video wall is achieved using precision engineered components and industry-leading tri-axis adjustment.

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  • Reduces lead times to help support the market and enable OEMs to deliver their dvLED quicker.
  • Means they can concentrate on having the right cabinet stock and Peerless-AV can then support according to their size and configuration.

To Installers

  • Peace of mind that they can source the product and install quickly so they can potentially go out and win more business since they are essentially delivering a faster service.
  • The adaptability of the product also means that if they need to source another product for a project, they do not need to worry about changing the mount. 

To Distributors

  • Fewer SKUs meaning reduced overheads, increased output and better customer service.


  • GAMECHAGING. Until now, specifying, stocking, shipping and installing flat-to-wall dvLED video walls has been expensive, time consuming, and challenging.
  • SIMPLE. Greatly simplifies installations as opposed to Unistrut and extrusion solutions that have no flexibility or adjustability and require a more experienced installer to ensure that same perfect flat finish.
  • TIME-SAVING. Shipped in one box (typically 5 components) with drawings and instructions enabling installers to know the exact measurements of the install, helping to lay the template on the wall and reducing install time.
  • FLEXIBLE. Extrusion is available in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft lengths and can be easily cut down to specific dimensions on site without specialist tools – a trade-off easily offset by the ease of assembly and simple process to achieve a flat mounting surface.
  • FASTER LEAD TIMES. Kitted solution also facilitates a faster turnaround and shorter lead time to customers (48-72 hrs compared to 3-4 weeks plus delivery).
  • RECONFIGURABLE. Kitted design also makes it far more reconfigurable, should project requirements change. For example, if modifications are requested by the customer to the size of a dvLED video wall before the mounting system is installed, easy adaptations can be made without incurring substantial extra costs or time delays.
  • STANDARDISATION. As cabinet sizes become 16:9, Peerless-AV is standardising the mounting system with a unique and universal solution, that removes the need for dedicated adaptors.
  • UNIVERSAL. What makes DS-LEDUNV Universal? Quick connect clamps are fundamental for quick and easy latching of the dvLED cabinets along the mount frame and they also include Y-axis (height) adjustment to make the whole process, from start to finish, uncomplicated.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING ADJUSTMENT. Z-axis (depth) adjustment is one of the most important when mounting to imperfect wall surfaces and the DS-LEDUNV offers an industry-leading 3/4 inch or 20mm (+ / - 10mm).
  • DELICATE LATCHING. The X-axis (width) determines the horizontal movement of the cabinets so when hanging to the frame they can be adjusted to latch softly to each other to ensure no damage to pixels.
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