#RegionalReflections – Rémi Escobar

Peerless-AV’s Channel Account Manager for Southern France, Rémi Escobar, started with us in October 2022. In his Regional Reflections he talks about Adding value and making a difference to AV clients.

At Peerless-AV we live by core values: quality manufacturing, continuous innovation, and always-there customer service. We work closely with OEM, distribution, and reseller partners to ensure we are always in touch with the latest needs, challenges and developments. This is especially true of our integration partners; they are our reference because they are handling our products in the field on a daily basis and their feedback is fundamental to our business.

One issue we are seeing in France is a shortage of skilled labour. Specialist installers are rare, and it is difficult to find manpower to respond to all installation issues. This means that it’s more important than ever to save valuable time and costs on site. Integrators are having to optimise their full-service offerings so they can win more projects, exceed expectations, and influence clients for repeat business with a lean expert team. An important factor here is proper research into the technology and particularly the mechanics of its execution in these projects. Of course, price is a big factor when specifying projects, but we know first-hand that what they really want, and value most, are products that are packed with features that lead to a safe, quick, and easy install. Provide them with products that they trust and are happy to have in their hands, that will help them gain time, offer an enjoyable user experience, perform reliability with longevity, and you have win win scenario - for both integrator and end client.

Our products do just that. Designed specifically with the installer in mind, our focus is to facilitate installation and minimise potential challenges at every stage. This is achieved through the quality of the materials we use, the safety standards we adhere to and the functionality we build into our products.

Choosing wisely at the start will lead to return on investment and profitability, and this is what AV clients will remember after the project is long complete.

Did you know…?

Changing the subject, I’d like to tell you a few small facts about Lyon, where I am based. During a unique tradition in December known as the Festival of Lights, every household lights a candle outside to create a spectacular light effect throughout the city. The region in Southern France is renowned for its wineries and cheese making; known as the capital of gastronomy. Located near the mountains and the sea, the area is ideal for skiing and sailing. It also has a strong sport and cultural programme and has been elected as the host city for the EuroGames 2025, Europe’s largest multisport event dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

All these facts make Lyon an ideal location for AV. A loose connection you might say but, like the candles in the Festival of Lights, using Peerless-AV products customers can create amazing digital signage projects that shine bright, engage, inform and entertain for all to see.

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